Right Now Is the Best Time Organize The Closet of Your Dreams. Here’s Why:

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A good closet should be adaptable, durable and convenient to use. And, yes, there really is a right time to plan the closet of your dreams. That time is now, and Closets Plus in Durango, Colorado, can walk you through all the options you have to choose from when creating your perfect closet. Most of us at some point have spent time envisioning the closet of our dreams. Perhaps your head is filled with rows of perfectly placed shoes and sweaters in tidy folds. Maybe you dream of hangers arranged by color and accessories neatly stowed. It may be that you have a mental list of shelves and baskets, or maybe you’ve gone so far as to compile Pinterest boards filled with ideas that make your heart happy.

Whatever form you have your plan in, be it mental notes or Pinterest boards one thing is for certain, putting those plans into action can be hard to do. Finding the right time to do it can be even harder. If as the pros at Real Simple believe, “the best-organized closets start with a clean slate,” how can we ever hope to achieve this? What will we do with all that stuff? We all know that there never really is a good time to take every last thing out of the closet… Or is there?

Well, no, but there is a time that’s better than most. It’s all about proper timing, and it’s during your annual spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is the time when we put the most effort into organizing and decluttering storage spaces like closets, pantries, and garages. Often times during spring cleaning you’ll need to take everything or almost everything out of any given space you want to get organized. That makes now the best time to go all the way and take everything out. Once you’ve cleared the space it will be a much simpler task to install all those clever shelving units, baskets and brackets you’ve been dreaming of.

Make Your To-Do List
You already had spring cleaning on your to-do list. With just a little extra planning you can take it from spring cleaning to a spring closet or storage make-over! Updating your closet now, in the springtime minimizes the prep work that would be required to update your closets later in the year. For an added bonus, it also makes putting everything away at the end so much simpler!
Just imagine, instead of stuffing winter items into unsightly boxes in the corner they could be neatly housed in specially designed cubbies. Winter boots stored upright and out of the way. Scarves folded in smart little drawers. Your spring and summer dresses hanging pretty for you to see. Those pants that have been there since the 80’s safely in the donation bin…

So, Get Started!
Spring is just around the corner this year, so if you’re planning on a big spring clean out in the near future give Closets Plus a call. Whether you’ve envisioned a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet we can help with custom cabinetry designed with you in mind. We’re here to professionally guide you to achieving your closet and storage dreams.