Our Team

Heather & Danny Klone

Most recently, we are from Southern California but we have lived several other places in our time including Utah, Minnesota and Oklahoma.  We have two children who are our strongest supporters and are very understanding on the days when they don't have school and "get" to come into the office and help us out.  Our parents also live in Durango and we could not do what we do without their support.  Thanks to them, we have been able to weather the hard times and relish in the good.  Friends make our lives complete with their unending support.  We are lucky to have such a strong group of people supporting and guiding us in all that we do. 

We love what we do and the idea of building cabinetry for organizing the home fits our lifestyle perfectly.  We are the type of people who thrive on organization.  As consumers, ourselves, we understand what our customers want and need and we strive to make the results of our customer's cabinetry meet their high expectations.  Even though our careers did not start out as business owners or cabinet designers, builders, or installers, we have had plenty of experience to help us thrive in this business.  Between the two of us, we have experience in Marketing, Information Technology, and the Pharmaceutical Industry among other things.  We are very happy to be in Durango and doing what we do.



Taylor is our shop manager and has been with the company since 2013.  He is extremely reliable and very good at what he does.  Taylor started with us just as we began the process of purchasing our CNC machine and has been quite an asset.  His great attitude and willingness to embrace new technology has been a huge help to Closets Plus.  Taylor is willing to tackle any challenge and keeps our shop running smoothly every day.  He and his wife live here in Durango.



Chuck has been with us since 2014 leading our installation team and assisting in the shop and performing many tasks to help get jobs ready and out the door.  Chuck works quickly and accurately and has an eye for detail.  He'll take on any task and put all his effort into it and always with a great attitude.  Chuck is a Durango resident and often participates in activities to help keep Durango beautiful.  Recently, he organized a team to help clean up the Animas River Bike Trail.


Ethan splits his time both in the field assisting Chuck on installations and in in the shop with Taylor assisting with manufacturing and QA/QC duties.