Perfecting the Organization of your Bedroom Closet

Perfecting the Organization of your Bedroom Closet

Organizing your closet space and keeping it organized seems to be a difficult task for most of us, but if it’s done thoroughly the first time you may find it requires less upkeep than expected. Our custom storage systems here at Closets Plus in Durango, Colorado, help create an exceptional baseline for all of your organizing needs, and we are here to help you with a few tips to perfect your overall storage strategy in your bedroom closet. The more organized your closet is, the more organized your life will feel, and the more time you will have to take a deep breath and relax. So let’s start with hangers, baskets and everything in between- and get that closet organized!

Evaluate the Space- All of it!

Take a good long look at the space itself, especially the areas you normally wouldn’t think to store items. Such as high above on the top shelves, and down below on the ground. These areas are often times ignored because they are not immediately within reach, but they are perfect areas for items that you might not need to use frequently. Use sturdy bins or baskets to store clothing or accessories that you don’t wear often on the top shelves. The bottom areas in your closet are perfect for shoes and laundry baskets. Using stackable laundry baskets helps create space for dirty clothes, clothes that need to be folded, or clothing that you are going to get rid of.

Hangers are Your Best Friends

These lovely little tools come in a variety of colors and materials, which makes it even easier when executing your closet decor and organization techniques. You can designate certain colors of hangers for certain items, such as winter clothing or dresses. And in order to maximize your space usage, use hangers for those items that are not as bulky, such as blouses and dress pants. Another helpful tip is to layer multiple hangers together using a simple piece of chain hanging from the first hanger. This creates multiple loops to hang more pieces in a horizontal line, and quickly frees up more space in your closet. If you have a problem with certain shirts falling off of your hangers, use a hot glue gun and draw a zigzag line on the top surface of the hanger where the shirt makes contact. This creates a sticky surface for your garments to hold onto!

Avoiding a Knot of Accessories

Accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses and scarves, always seemed to get tucked and rolled into strange places and then forgotten about. And we’ve all pulled out the dreaded knot of necklaces and bracelets that seems hopeless to try and waste time on. So to avoid this issue, we recommend utilizing all of those awkward small spaces on the sides of your closet for hanging your accessories up. Use small hooks or baskets to organize jewelry and hang up your sunglasses. For supreme organization of your scarves, put each scarf on a shower curtain ring and hook them all around the bottom of one hanger. You can easily see all of your scarves at once, and can pop them off one at a time as the weather gets chilly.

Bins and Baskets

Inevitably there will be items that simply don’t fit correctly on hangers or in your drawers, and this is where bins and baskets shine! You can use fabric bins to store hats, wallets, bags and bathing suits. Fabric bins are light and easy to stack, and provide the perfect space for odds and ends. For items that are a little heavier such as shoes and belts, you can use plastic bins or baskets and make sure to label them to save time as you’re pulling your outfit together.

To Fold, or Not to Fold…?

Knowing when to hang versus fold can be an ongoing debate in the garment world, but don’t spend another second debating this after reading the next tips. Generally speaking you will want to hang most large winter coats, but other than that if an item is super bulky - roll it as tight as you can and store it in a bin or stack rolled items together on a shelf. Also, keep in mind what items wrinkle easily and which ones you don’t mind a bit wrinkly such as sweatpants, pajamas, and t-shirts. All of these items should be neatly folded the same way and stacked by color to help create a clean and organized look.

Taking the time to execute an organizational plan and strategy to your bedroom closet using these tips can save you time overall, and give you more peace of mind knowing that everything has a designated space. There will be no more rummaging through piles of clothing trying to find that little black dress, and you will also be able to see more of what you actually have to choose from in your accessories on a daily basis. Starting with the organization of your closet, you will be amazed at how these techniques might apply to other areas of your life as well. And at Closets Plus in Durango, Colorado, we strive to create your custom storage system as close to perfection as possible to help you get a head start on the organization of your life!