No.  Closets Plus is NOT a franchise and we have been in business in Durango since 2003.  Closets Plus is independently owned and operated by local Durango residents.  Owners, Heather and Danny Klone, purchased the company in April, 2008.

Owners:  Heather & Danny Klone

Shop Manager:  Taylor

Lead Installer:  Chuck


We are supported by our friends and family in the area.  Thanks to their support, Closets Plus has been able to stay strong through the recent recession and difficult financial times. 

All closet and cabinet parts are produced right here in Durango in our state-of-the-art production facility using a high tech CNC machine.  Parts are typically assembled on-site on the day of your installation.  Our shop is below our 190 Turner Drive Show Room.  

Generally, no, we do not charge for the initial design consultation.  However, if your project is located more than an hour from our showroom or your project requires great detail in designing, there may be a travel or design fee.  This fee may be applied to the cost of your cabinetry when you finalize the paperwork and commit to using us for your project.  

Generally 2 to 3 weeks depending on color and material options that you decide on.  Some colors and materials take a little longer to order.

Normally, installations take one day or less.  With larger projects, we may schedule two or more days.