Craft Rooms

White Craft Room with Wall Bed

This craft room is a perfect place for sewing and many other crafts. The open shelves in the uppers are a great place to display and store items that are used frequently. The deep Formica countertop allows for room for larger craft projects. The sewing machine in this room is even inset into the countertop. The large doors on the right are a Queen Wall Bed. A great place for guests.

Craft Room 1

This craft room features an extra deep top for cutting materials and spreading out for any type of crafting. The drawer units are on casters so they can be moved to another location in the home and to allow a knee hole for a crafter to sit at the table. Flat door and drawer fronts make this unit look modern but the woodgrain color adds a sense of warmth. Open cabinets above along with enclosed uppers are a great mix of places for frequently used items as well as a place to stash things when not in use.