White Wardrobe

What?!?! No (or very little) closet space? We can help! This is a white wardrobe unit built in a bedroom that allows room for hanging items as well as drawers for smaller, folded items. Many shelves for shoes and folded shirts, sweaters and jeans as well. In the case of a wardrobe like this, cabinetry must be 24" deep to allow for clothes to hang in the cabinet and the door to close. This unit features white melamine with flat door and drawer fronts.

Wardrobe 1

Is your spouse taking up all your closet space? Not to worry! We have the perfect solution in a custom built wardrobe unit. This unit is 24" deep and features long hang and double hang. The flat door fronts on this unit allow the clothes to be "hidden" away from plain sight. Extra shelving is convenient for out of season clothing or special clothing not used frequently. The upper cabinets above the hanging areas are a great place for storing other items such as sheets, comforters, sweaters, etc.

Wardrobe 2

Did you know that having a closet in a room creates another "bedroom" and can improve resale value of your home? If you have a room that lacks a closet or has inadequate closet space, this wardrobe is the perfect solution. At 24" deep, this area provides a double hang section for you or your guests to use as needed. Perfect for storing out of season clothing or overflow from your own closet.

Rivergate Wardrobe

Some homes just weren't built with enough closet space. This custom built, 24" deep wardrobe unit is a great solution for hanging items in a room where there is not much space. Units like these can be outfitted with double hang sections, long hang sections and shelves, just to name a few options. Occasionally this area may be used to store linens or other large, bulky items that need to be stored away for any amount of time.

Guest Wardrobe

Have you taken over the guest closet for storage for your own items? For many of us, this is the case. Then, when your guests come to visit, you have to move your items out and find a place to store them temporarily. By building a wardrobe in a guest room, you create a space for you AND your guests. This woodgrain unit with flat fronts is a perfect built in closet and dresser in one.